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J&K provides robust floor removal equipment on rent in Dallas, TX. We provide our clients with tile scrapers, strippers, and lifters that can effortlessly remove tiles for convenient floor care and surface prep. With low daily, weekly, or monthly rates – a knowledgeable and friendly staff – J&K promises their customers an easy pickup or delivery from a fully stocked parts department. 

Why J&K Tiles? 


You can rent top-tier and professionally-maintained equipment at J&K Tiles. We are familiar with all kinds of tiles and can recommend the right equipment for you to scrape your tile floors. We have large and small tile removal machines, so you can pick the required equipment for your project. 


With a dedicated team of customer experts and industry specialists, we’re here to help keep projects on time and on budget. Our tile removal equipment goes through monthly maintenance and repair to make sure you can use them at your leisure when you need them. 


Our inventory includes solutions for difficult climates, tough terrain, visibility blockers, and unique situations. You can trust us to have the tile removal equipment you need. 


Our Ride-On Floor Scrapers are the ultimate tile breakers that: 

  • Fit through standard doorways
  • Cover 85-90% of material removed during the first pass
  • Have a full assortment of attachments for any job
  • Remove ceramic tile, carpet, vinyl, VCT/VAT, etc. 
  • Maneuver with ease in tight spaces
  • Operate with battery with zero emissions
  • Scrape up to 3,500 sq. ft. per hour
  • Have a sufficient battery range 


Our Services

We rent out the latest equipment across all parts of Dallas, TX. To pull up some old or broken tiles, get in touch with our tile experts today.

Power Through Your Floor

At J&K, we rent ride-on floor scrapers making flooring removal jobs a one-man job. Whether you need to remove ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, carpet, glued down hardwood, or elastomeric coatings, our floor scrapers are powered to complete your job in less time than an entire working crew with manual tools. 

Effortless Tile Removal

Our floor scrapers offer the highest removal rates in the industry. With an accuracy percentage of removing up to 80-90% of floor coverings on the very first pass. Recorded performance rates are as high as 4,000 square feet per hour depending on the flooring material being removed.

Environment Friendly

Our zero-emission machines are battery operated and are known for their quiet operation. With an extremely simple guide to operating, they do a clean job without releasing any hazardous substances. There are no cumbersome cords or extension cords to worry about making them a perfect choice for easy maneuverability. Our ride-on floor scrapers average 6 to 7 hours of work between battery charges – perfect for a full 8-hour workday.

Scrapping - A One-Man Job

The ergonomic design of our floor scraper machines allows them to fit through standard elevators and doorways. An assortment of attachments is included allowing you to tackle any job or application including a ceramic tile tooth holder.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect equipment for all your scrapping needs.

Tile Floors - Stripping Vs. Removing

There are different methods that can help you scrape the floor – both manual and automatic – chemical or physical. 

‘Stripping a Tile Floor’ may sound similar to ‘Removing a Tile Floor,’ and what can be really confusing is that the two terms are often used interchangeably, but here is the difference:

Tile floors are often waxed after installation. This gives the tile a layer of protection from spills while helping it stay clean from daily use. As waxing your tile gives it a shiny new appearance, thus, you need to strip your floor when the current layer of wax looks hazy or turns yellow. 

This is how a floor stripper machine will do a good job in preparing your tile for a fresh wax; but it won’t help you remove old tiles. To remove your old tiles, you will need a tile removal machine. 

The tile stripping machine, on the other hand, is often referred to as a ‘Floor Stripper’, ‘Tile Stripper’, or ‘Floor Scraper’ which is often confused with a tile removal machine. In case you still have your queries between a tile stripping and removing, you can call our experts to get a brief breakdown of the right equipment you need.

Renting Guide

Choosing the Right Equipment

Planning is a crucial step for all projects — especially because your timeline and budget depend on it. Choosing the right tile removal equipment can keep your project on track. Before getting started, you need to assess the job at hand: What is the terrain of the site? What are the conditions? What is your schedule?  Once you can get around those questions, you can narrow down the equipment specifications:

  • The height you need to reach
  • The amount of earth you need to dig
  • 2 or 4 wheel drive wheels, tracks, etc.
  • Electric, gas/diesel or air power
  • Any accessories you need such as tool trailers, pipe racks or bucket extensions

Having a range of specifications will make choosing the right equipment simple. 

Tool Inventory

Our tool inventory has a range of equipment, categorically, this includes:

dallas floor removal scraping equipment

Developed for fine chipping, they can tear up tiles, mortar, and joints both in homes and construction sites. 

Dallas Floor Removal Machine Rental Scrapper

Gives efficient removal of vinyl tiles, old adhesive, and carpet.

Dallas Floor Removal Machine Rental Equipment

They come with a fully adjustable chassis for the blade angle and have large wheels for effective mobility and stability.

Tile Removal

Using A Machine

Machine Removal 

If you plan to remove old tiles, make sure that you get a suitable machine. In most cases, you can determine which is which by looking at them, but if you are new to renting:

  • A Floor Stripper is a streamlined machine that features a large brush to rub the wax off your floor.

  • A Tile Remover features a flat blade at the front to remove a tile. Depending on the size of tile you are pulling, you can rent either a large or a small tile remover.

How to Remove a Tile Using a Machine 

  • Familiarize yourself with the operating and safety features of your machine.
  • Set up the machine to the desired configuration, including blade type and handle angle if applicable.
  • Switch on the tile removal machine and start removing from one corner of the room.
  • Maneuver the tile removal machine around the room while clearing the tiles from the work area with the help of a broom. 
  • In case you are having difficulty removing a tile using a machine, try using the blade’s corner to work under the tricky tile.
  • Once the tile has been removed, discard and vacuum up the work area.
  • After you are done, inspect the floor. Remove any exposed nails using a plywood sub layer. 
  • Your floor is now all set to lay a new tile!

Ease of Use

Whether you’re using manual tools or a tile removal machine – pulling up old tiles is pretty straightforward!

Tile Removal

Using Manual Tools

Manual Removal 

The good news about breaking tiles is that whether you have old tiles, bathroom tiles, broken tiles or cracked tiles – regardless of where your tile is located  – they are all removed in the same way!

If you are willing to go for manual tile removal, some tools you will need to scrape/strip/remove the floor are: 

  • Pry Bar or Handheld Scraper
  • Hammer
  • Scraper
  • Small sledgehammer
  • Broom
  • Trash Can/Tarp
  • Shop-Vac
  • Protective Clothing (Gloves, safety glasses, ear protection, etc)

How to Manually Remove a Tile 

  • By using a demolition chipping hammer, break up the surface of the tile with a sledgehammer or a jackhammer.
  • A good starting point is around exposed pipings or installed fixtures in cabinets or toilets. 
  • By using your handheld scraper or a  pry bar, start pulling up the tile pieces.
  • Use a scraper to smooth out any rough patches.
  • Sweep up the tile pieces into your trash or tarp for removal.
  • Vacuum the work area afterwards.
  • Inspect the floor. In case you have a plywood sub layer, remove all exposed nails and to make sure the surface is ready to have new flooring installed.

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